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Happy New Year, guys! - love fu
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 Hey! Guys! (And I do mean just the guys...sorry, girls <3)

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PostSubject: Hey! Guys! (And I do mean just the guys...sorry, girls <3)   Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:07 pm

So yeah! I'm not babysitting this Sat so we should like, do something. And by something I mean most likely sit on our collective asses and play vidya games. I'm hoping it can even be a sleepover thing (that way Ismael can play games on Sun)...doubtful we could do it at our house cause Andy's grades sooooo....TINA! BUDDY! *does best Jack O'Neill greeting Thor imitation* Anyway, not to put you on the spot or invite myself over or anything like that. Just a thought. I'd be willing to drive everyone wherever. (Dad just filled up the tank the other day! >D)

Anyway, yeah. I need some time with my guys! And yes, you all are my guys! <3 (I realize Mike's never on this thing anymore so we'll have to call him bu he's one of my guys too. XD) Need to just be able to be a dude and play some vid games and all that stuff. So, lemme know if y'all are available on Sat/Sun. Guess as far as my schedule is concerned we could do it Fri night too. If that works better for anyone. And I'll ask Mom about having you guys spend the night here but, no one start holding your breaths. XP

I'll also try to call around to all y'all and actually talk about it. I just had the idea and decided this was the best place I could get the word out right away.
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Hey! Guys! (And I do mean just the guys...sorry, girls <3)
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