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 Victoria-Rose Asuncion (Nyozeka ko)

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Nyozeka ko

Nyozeka ko

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PostSubject: Victoria-Rose Asuncion (Nyozeka ko)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:37 pm

Name: Victoria-Rose Perez Asuncion, but call me anything other than Ko or Tori and I'll have your balls on a silver platter. >/ *not joking*

Username: Nyozeka ko

Job : Awesomesaucum Art provider, Voice Actor, Kobunneh. ;D


Cell Phone: I doesn't has one. =D

AIM: torahana11


Notes regarding contact information: Ya needs ta call meh? Call meh House. If youz doesn't has the number theeeeeeen....well you're SOL. (please don't use this information to spam your fellow morphing swords.)
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Victoria-Rose Asuncion (Nyozeka ko)
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