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 Jan. 20 - We have names!

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PostSubject: Jan. 20 - We have names!   Wed Jan 21, 2009 6:40 am

Alright so I guess this could have gone in the story development thread but for so long we've been needing names and now we have them. This is a momentous event!

So the people formerly known as Steampunks (makes me thing of "the artist formerly known as Prince" XD) are now OFFICIALLY the Ignos people or Ignacians.
The Spirituals are now called Liberaceans.

I will aslo have it known (this is now Jisu, btw, not admin) that anyone caught uttering the OLD names will be tried for high treason! Or shot on the spot! Or...something.....ok maybe not, but please do make an effort to use these awesome new names. It'll drive me INSANE to keep using the old ones. Also, the more you use it the more it will get ingrained into you miiiiiind! o.o

(*ahem* back to admin mode now) So thank you everyone who was involved this decision making process. Good work and keep it up! We may actually get this ball rolling yet!
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Jan. 20 - We have names!
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