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 How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)

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PostSubject: How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:05 am

Welcome! This is the art forum, where friends meet to eat!
... er wait

In this forum, you should be posting threads regarding art!!! or ideas for the topics of:
  • Art of anything (characters, backgrounds, concept sketches, objects, ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS IT IS DRAWN)
  • Requesting art of anything (please please please be very detailed in your spoken illustration of an idea)
  • Templates for the flash animation that you haven't posted in the flash development forum
  • Any other art related things

Please try to title your thread something relevant to the art you are posting. If you are requesting art, first off: BE NICE. Second off, be clear! For example, a thread that might be suggesting an idea for art of Jasper's shiny goggles, please title the thread "An Idea And Art Request For Jasper's Shiny Goggles". Pretty simple, right? Just keep it nice and clear.

Please also try to detail your ideas clearly and in length. Everyone wants to know as much as they can about your idea, especially the artists involved, and the more you explain the better people will understand what you are talking about and where you are coming from! So get into it!

Also, a note about art. For those that aren't artists: artists are kind of touchy people. Artists can get kind of annoyed with critique that is too harsh or not productive. While we encourage critique of all kinds, as art does not get better without critique, please, please, please make sure that you are handling the situation constructively. Don't just say it sucks. You will be banned. (okay maybe not really but seriously now)

Be constructive. Tell the artist where the problems in the art lies, and how you might seek to better them. If the arm is at a wrong angle, tell them that and try to explain how you would fix it. That is called being constructive. If you have any artistic talent of your own, do feel free to redline the artist's work.

Artists. Please grow a backbone and accept these critiques with grace! Not that anyone here would bitch about such things, we just want to be precautionary of something that usually causes a lot of drama on other forums. (ew)

Also, one final thing. If you see someone's idea and there is already a picture response from another artist, do not be afraid to post your own rendition! We want as many options as possible. Don't be afraid of stepping on other people's toes. If you aren't an artist, don't be afraid of speaking up in favor or against (constructively) a rendition of an idea.

In these threads, the threadmaker will decide the best rendition. However, in the case that the threadmaker chooses an unpopular idea, we will have a poll about which image or rendition to use. I really doubt this is going to happen, but this is one of those just-in-case contingency plans!

That's about it!

Don't be afraid to post new threads or posts either. Everyone here pretty much knows everyone else, so don't be shy!

Have fun!
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How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)
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