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Happy New Year, guys! - love fu
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PostSubject: HAPPY B-DAY MIKE!!!   Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:51 am


Happy birthday! Andy n I have been trying to call you ALL day to tell you that but you haven't been home. Doing stuff with yer family, I guess.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That makes you...what? 16 now? Ah, sweet 16. You should go get laid or someth - I...didn't say that. You didn't hear me tell you that. *Jedi hand wave* But yeah, hope you have/had a great birthday!

*Cue the mush that is obligatory cause it's yer b-day and if you skip over and don't read it I'll shove something painful somewhere painful. Just so we're clear. >D* You really are a great friend, Mike. I can't really be all touchy feely with you like I can with Fu n, at least Fu. XD But it's way fun to just hang around with you and play Halo or L4D or Soul Calibur or Mario Kart get it. I also like going up to the school with you and just kinda dicking around. Pretty much anything we all do together is fun. XDDD

But yeah, so hope your b-day is/was great and here's to many many more. *raises can of Dr. Pepper in salute*

Love, Jess

P.S. Andy says everything I said too. Cept maybe not the mushy parts. XDD
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Ismael the Monk

Ismael the Monk

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PostSubject: Re: HAPPY B-DAY MIKE!!!   Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:26 pm

Happy late birthday, Mike! I'll try not to kill you until later 8D
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