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Happy New Year, guys! - love fu
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PostSubject: NOTICE!   Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:24 am

Hey everybody! Just tellin' you what's going on in case you're like "wtf is this new forum thing".

We've decided that it would just be more beneficial to everyone involved if we organized all the RP in the General Chat into a new Forum. That's what this place is for.

Feel free to make new rps or continue the old ones right here!

There is a second use for this forum as well.
That's for fanfiction.

We're a bright group. We've a lot of talents, and we enjoy writing. Jisu especially, being the awesome writer that she is. I had suggested that maybe if someone had a fanfiction they'd like to get feedback on, why not put it up here first? That way Jisu - or whomever else who writes fanfic - can get a little feedback from trusted friends before sticking it up on big site like Plus, said person doesn't have to email it to a million people. A quick "just go check the forum and tell me what you think" will do.

And anyway, I spam the General Chat with my art crap - there should also be a place for writing awesome.

So that's about it! Reply to the thread if you have any questions. <3
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