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 August 03: Slight Plot Change and Small Lead Up Project

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PostSubject: August 03: Slight Plot Change and Small Lead Up Project   Thu Sep 03, 2009 5:23 pm

Hey all!

Just a quick announcement (from my digital arts class. lol) to let y'all know about two little changes we've made to the project.

The first is a change in the plot. We're scratching all of the pre-war/war lead up. Now we're going to start our story mid war. Also, instead on having these young people setting out with the HUGE ambitious quest to stop the war, we're taking the Stan/Radamanthyus (sp?) and turning it into the main plot. We're still hammering out the details and we'll probably have more details as we go.

The second announcement some of you may have already picked up on. Fu and Jisu decided to work on a little mini story, a one-shot, just so they know they can actually pull something like this off. So, naturally, Fu n Jisu being the fluff lovers they are, decided to write/draw a nice little femslash fluff story about two liberations. And yes. It has kissing in it. It's a kissing story. (If you got that reference you get 5 internets XD) Now, just because Fu n Jisu are spearheading this doesn't mean they don't want/need input/feedback/HALP from the rest of y'all. So feel free to join in!

That's all for now, true believers. (And I SWEAR if anyone makes a Disney crack about that I'll throw something at you! I know who you are!)
Keep the faith, we'll get this thing done!
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August 03: Slight Plot Change and Small Lead Up Project
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