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 How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)

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PostSubject: How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:12 am

Welcome! This is the Q & A forum, where anything is possible!
... er wait

In this forum, you should be posting threads regarding your questions for the topics of:
  • Goddamnit just anything. Anything. Story related or not, just any goddamn question you can think of damnit

Please try to title your thread as a concise form of the question you are posting. For example, a thread that might be curious as to why the philosopher's stone is so important, a suitable title would be "Why Is That Damn Dirty Philosopher's Stone So Freakin' Important", so that other people know what you need help with

Please also try to detail your question clearly and in length in your post. Everyone wants to help you as much as possible, and the more you explain the better people will understand what you are talking about and where you are coming from! So get into it!

Also, do not be afraid of answering people's questions! Don't be patronizing, though - even though this is teh internetz, you actually see most of these people in real life, and many will punch you in the mouth if you mouth off to them on the forum. Please remember this shit.

Don't be afraid to post new threads either. Everyone here pretty much knows everyone else, so don't be shy!

And really, if you don't know how to use a freaking Q & A forum, go make yourself taller or something, seriously.

Have fun!
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How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)
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