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 How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)

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PostSubject: How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)   Fri Dec 05, 2008 5:18 am

Welcome! This is the general chat forum, where no one has gone before!
... er wait

In this forum, you should be posting threads regarding ... aw shit, it's just a chat forum man.

Okay guys. This is just where you all can hang loose. Chat about anything under the sun that isn't related to the story! ... or porn

A few quick rules. Please no porn, we don't want to get kicked off of forumotion who are so nice as to be hosting us! No stuff about hacking or spamming people.

Also, please avoid drama. Come on now, just use your heads.
The one attached to you neck, for you boys.

And one quick thing: this forum is really specifically for the project. Please don't invite random people on here unless you've made like a topic or something for why you'd be inviting them. They have to be adding something to the project, they can't just be some random deadbeat idiot you friended on myspace. As you know, admin can ban and delete such people, and admin will, too!

But yeah! Have fun. Forum games go here too. Art. Goddamn, just everything.

Have fun, you guys.
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How to use this forum (PLEASE READ THIS)
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