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 When Darkness Falls Starwars Jisu/Ko

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Nyozeka ko

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PostSubject: Re: When Darkness Falls Starwars Jisu/Ko   Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:51 am

Vitani sat at a bar in the deep recesses of Coruscant's lower levels, staring at her empty glass, eyes empty and blank, their dull color so dark that it was hard to tell the yellow from the red. Her master had told her to take the week to herself, to gather her wits about her, that was just yesterday. She had promptly gone to the nearest bar that didn't require identification and gotten as absolutely drunk as she could stand while in public before locking herself in her room, staring at the wall with a broken expression for a few hours.

When the numbness started to wear off, she had gone back to the bar and the little toydarian that served as bartender and a sympathetic ear who listened simply passed her a snifter full of the strongest drink consumable by humanoid creatures. Now she was on her third glass and thinking recklessly.

She wondered if Kovu knew. She wondered if Jesha knew. She should probably tell them. They'd probably want to be told. She would have liked to be told, you know, if she hadn't been there, hidden by the shadows near her bedside, watching for those two agonizing hours as her aunt succumbed to the sleeping death. She would want to know that her ruler had fallen to the same disease that had taken over a quarter of the planet two hundred years ago. A disease that was still feared and incurable to this day. The only thing preventing breakouts was the prompt cremation of the body. "I should tell Jesha," she muttered softly, but not soft enough that the toydarian didn't hear her.

"Listen to yaself girl, ya not thinkin' straight. Ya gone and tell tha jedi, and yer may s'well sign yer life away," he said with a heavy outter planet drawl.

"My life no longer matters. I am betraying my people by not being there to lead them....I am betraying the Great Mother by turning away from her and refusing to listen....I am betraying myself by having even considered leaving my master," she said before rising, leaving payment for her drinks and tip for an active audience before turning about and moving to leave. Her logic made no sense to the bartender, but what could he do against a sith? He only hoped that she would remember to use the door this time, it was damn hard to explain to a passing Jedi why there was a woman jumping from one of his windows.

Fortunately for the toydarian bartender, Vitani was not drunk enough to forget that doors were better than windows when exiting a building. Quietly she made her way through busy thorough fairs on her hover bike, weaving in and out of traffic deftly, weaving when she didn't need to in a very telling manner. Touching down upon the Temple stairs, she ignored the horrified gasps of the little people and made her way up the stairs. Why were padawans always so tetchy? She had business here today. No time for little tetchy padawans.
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PostSubject: Re: When Darkness Falls Starwars Jisu/Ko   Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:05 am

Jesha sprinted through the halls of the temple, the Force granting speed to her stride. She passed many doors and corridors, padawans and knights, eventually finding herself outside the grand master's quarters. She raised a hand to the door to knock, but it slid open before she could finish the action and she found herself face to face with Luke.

"Master," she began.

"Jesha," came Luke's slightly startled reply.

"Master, about Delphine's death -"

"I'm sorry, Jesha. I've received an urgent summons," he said, sliding past her and setting off down the hall at a brisk pace.

Jesha strode after him, undeterred. "Master, is there any way to send word to Vitani about Delphine's passing? She needs to know. Someone needs to tell her. Her people -"

But her thought was cut short as she and Master Luke entered the great hall and saw the reason for Luke's summons.
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When Darkness Falls Starwars Jisu/Ko
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